GFO Hunting Videos

Quail Hunting at Rhodes Hunting Preserve

Hard Labor Creek Plantation Fishing & Quail

Quail Hunting at Briar Creek Quail Preserve

Quail Hunting with Hamilton Bluff Plantation

Steelwood Quail Hunt

CLJ Client Hunt/Fish for Quail, Pheasant & Red Snapper

Quail/Pheasant in Stockton, AL

Sporting Clays

Dove Hunting in Stockton, AL

Dove Hunting in Demopolis, AL


Turkey Hunting in Demopolis, AL

Turkey ’98 in Brewton & Demopolis

Turkey Hunt In Monroeville, AL

Osceola Turkey Hunting/Okeechobee, FL


Squirrel Hunting with Champion Feist Dogs '99

Squirrel Hunting 2000 in Covington County

Wild Hog & Deer Hunting in Brewton, AL


Bowhunting for Feral Swine

Bowhunting with Pearson Archery '98

Bowhunting with Pearson Archery '99

Bowhunting for Texas Whitetails

Gun Hunt for Texas Whitetails

Rancho del Sol Whitetail Hunts

Rancho del Sol Exotic Hunts

Exotic Hunting in Texas (#1 & #2)


Gun Deer in Marengo County, AL

Alex & Alexander/Father-Son Deer Hunting

Tommy’s First Deer (Fathers & sons go deer hunting)

Texas Whitetails at Rancho del Sol 2002

Texas Sheep Hunt 2002


Dog Sledding in British Columbia, Canada

Falconry in Rainier, WA

Squirrel Hawking in Texas

Prattville Retriever Trials


Arkansas Duck Hunting with Shane Roten

Diving Ducks on the Mobile Delta

Louisiana Duck Hunt with Mallard Crossing

Louisiana Green Timber Duck Hunt

Louisiana Duck Hunt 2001 w/Roten's Sport Man Calls

Duck Hunting with Beau Rivage Sportsman's Lodge, November 2001

Duck Hunting at Mallard Manor 2003

Duck Hunting at Mallard Manor 2005

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